Homemade BBQ Grill! The DIY "Steel Barrel" mini Charcoal Grill! Awesome Grill! Full Instr.

Homemade BBQ Grill. The DIY "Steel Barrel" mini Charcoal Grill. Easy DIY. Full instructions. no special tools required. i only used tin snips/pliers and a drill. made with 3 (and a half) old food cans and dirt/gravel. super efficient grill. can cook for 1.5 to 2 hours using only 4 to 8 (large) charcoal briquets. some specifics: i used a large steel "coffee can" for the main body of the stove, a 46oz. vegetable juice can for the chimney (stack), a tomato paste can for the air feed tube and a 29-30 oz. steel 'fruit can' (cut in half) for the riser.. *cheapest place to (buy) the needed cans is at walmart. tips: i cut the "inner can" lower than the outer can to increase the area of the cooking surface. *it helps spread the heat. 2.) if you have a larger grill grate , buy a second "large can" and place it next to the grill. then just lay the grill grate across both cans. *or make two grills!. 3.) A round "stove ring" can be used if you want to cook with (cast iron) pots and pans. if you like the vid. please rate, subscribe and share. update: see this grill with a heavy chain handle i added - here's the link https://youtu.be/tqK8ibYBiB0