Filthy 10 Year Old Car Interior Thoroughly Cleaned Leather Car Cleaning

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What I used:
Detail Buddy Boar Hair Brushes:
Chemical Guys leather brush:
Carpet and upholstery brush:
McCulloch 1385 steamer:
Aqua Pro Vac Extractor:
Optimum No Rinse:
Super Clean (APC): (buy locally)
iK 1.5 pump sprayer:
Metro Vac n Blo:
Black bristle brush:
Kirkland microfiber towels:
Wolfgang Leather Conditioner:
Lilly Brush Mini pet hair brush:
Lilly Brush pet hair bundle brush:
Dewalt Cordless Drill:
Red drill brush (remove debris):
Drill brush to clean cloth:
McGuire-Nicholas tool bag:
Motorcycle blower:
Detail Factory brushes:

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Cleaning leather car interior