Rebuildable Atomizers (RBA) and Mods Tutorial

Rebuildable atomizers (RBA/RDA) and variable mods for beginners. We look at mechanical and variable voltage/variable wattage mods; and three types of RBAs, genesis, bottom fed, and dripper.

Genesis commonly uses a stainless steel mesh as a wick. The other atomizers commonly use standard silica or Ekowool as the wick. All atomizers currently use Nichrome or Kanthal as the resistance wire (heating coil).

Resistances that are less than 1 ohm is known as sub-ohm. Resistance is important because it affects the power. Power affect vapor volume, vape temperature, and flavor.

Mechanical and VV/VW Mods
Mechanical mods are basically a hollow tube with a switch. There is no circuitry in the device, that's why mechanical mods are preferred for sub-ohm vaping.

Variable mods allow you to adjust the voltage or power up and down. Variable mods also have a protection circuit against shorts so you cannot use it for sub-ohm vaping.

IMR Batteries
I've seen most vapers use IMR batteries. The IMRs are supposed to have a safer chemistry than standard rechargeable batteries.