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The presence of dirt on a Mattress or a couch becomes an inevitable truth as the time flies by. Chip crumbs often make their way into the cracks, drinks may get spilled, and pets track mud are often found everywhere on the surface of these durable items of home furnishings. Luckily, cleansing a settee is comparatively easy-all your wish may be fulfilled by just a single phone call and sparing a little amount of time.

Most people use a dust-buster or a hose attachment on a household appliance to clear the lounge. Here, are some unique and different methods provided by Neat N Clean-

Always Use the industrial long, narrow attachment to get into the crevices.
Remove the cushions and vacuum the base of the Mattress.
They mostly make use of the long, slim attachments to urge into the crevices.
However, optimum results might not be obtained even by vacuum cleaning all the surfaces of the cushions or the crevices of the Mattress, and to make the matters worse, self-cleaning might inflict the production of spots on the surface.
This might be due to the improper selection of the device used or may be due to the improper selection of the cleansing agents used for the purpose. Efficient cleaning needs a great expertise and experience, and Neat N Clean handles this very efficiently.

This expertise comes from a legacy of over 10 lakh customers, with an approximately similar number of services at over ten different locations in India. Neat N Clean provides legendary services that render your aging and lets your comfy furniture look like new and elegant. This is because-

The experts from Neat N Clean make use of the technology and use the cleaning equipment manufactured by the firms that are pioneers in their category such as Bosch, Roots, Eureka Forbes, Roots, Karcher etc.
Besides, the chemicals used are also strong on the stains, but soft on your furniture so that your valuable furniture remains stain free as well as corrosion free.
The chemicals used in the wash are procured from the leading cleansing material producing companies well known for specialized cleansing products like those from Tasky, 3M, Johnson & Diversity.

At Neat N Clean, expertise speaks for itself. Wherever we go, we are proud to introduce ourselves as the only cleaning services provider that has catered to more than 10 Lakh+ patrons, that includes homemakers, doctors, hospitals, institutes, banks, factories/industries, offices etc.

All our patrons have provided us an excellent rating for our services and have been associated with us for a long time. It has been our endeavor to serve more and more customers so that they can make the best use of our expertise, knowledge and get a makeover done for their Mattresss and couches and enjoy the comfort and luxury of their heritage and/or hard-earned money�s furniture looking like just new.
So, never give it a second thought while associating with Neat N Clean as you shall enjoy the best of the services at disposal, not only at par but better than any global cleaning agency.