What's Involved When Cleaning Your Mattress? CleanMyMattress.ie

In this video we talk about what’s involved when cleaning mattresses. We were in the Dean Hotel in Harcourt Street, Dublin, cleaning several mattresses as well as their headboards. We use what's called a low-moisture cleaning system. A low-moisture, or LM clean, is perfect for hotels because it provides a deep clean and fast drying times - mattresses can be ready for use in as little as half an hour. This is extremely important for busy hotels who need to fill a room shortly after the last guest checks out.

Our LM clean is eco-friendly, safe for asthmatics and detergent free (left-over detergents have been known to cause skin irritation). Our cleaning system also kills bacteria and mites. To find out more about how we can sanitise your mattress, visit us online a https://cleanmymattress.ie or call us in Dublin on (01) 960 2667.