Watch this video and you will be surprised how many dishes you can make from watermelon, Yes, there are a lot of recipes that will amaze your family and friends. Moreover, you will learn how to make delicious desserts and even a cocktail for a perfect party!
Start from the easiest way to make watermelon juice: use a french press to make watermelon juice. It will take seconds! I adore the next idea because it’s awesome! Do you like to eat baked chicken? I bet you haven’t know that you can cook a chicken in watermelon. Try this delicious recipe! If your friend in on the diet but you want to make a birthday cake for him, watch this video! We share an outstanding idea is to make a no-bake cake made from watermelon, whipped cream, and berries. It’s a perfect idea for a Birthday party! Another incredible desset idea is to make a coke watermelon skewers. Cut two holes in watermelon, insert two cola bottles inside, wait till Coke bottles become empty. Use an ice-cream scoop to scoop out the flesh of the cola watermelon. Use toothpicks or wooden sticks to serve this dessert. Make a watermelon bomb using rubber bands. There will be a lot of fun when it will explode! This dessert looks very cool and will be a great addition to the party table. Make a watermelon volcano! Make a whole and place inside some Mentos and pour soda. Enjoy!
If you search for new cocktails you haven’t tried before, we know a cool recipe! You will need salt, chili pepper, lime, watermelon juice, lime juice and a bit of alcohol. Your friends will love this cocktail idea!

00:09 Watermelon juice
00:24 Birthday cake idea
00:55 Chicken baked in a watermelon
02:53 The best way to serve watermelon
03:14 Watermelon bomb
07:19 Watermelon jello


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