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North Frisian march with the first productions.
Version 2.2 Seasons and Global Company ready
- The map is Seasons Mod ready, snow mask and some lakes freeze too
- All productions and placeable objects are Seasons ready
- Channel members lairds and farmers have moved in
- Global Company ready, all productions are rewritten on Global Company
- Output of pallets for flour, sugar, pellets, apples, cherry, pears, plums
- New production sawmill with output of pallets (empty pallets and board pallets)
- New hardware store for the pallets
- Supermarkets are now accepting the new pallets
- Pig feed production Abkipprohr slightly increased
- BGA tube slightly raised for digestate
- Roads are cheaper to buy and can then be cleared of snow
- Texture at the Silo King at BGA Nord fits again
- Designation Construction site and trade fixed

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