Top 5 FREE YouTube Intro Makers!!!

What are the Top 5 Best FREE YouTube Intro Makers? These intro templates will help you brand your videos and succeed on YouTube.


Number 1: Filmora
Filmora is a full video editing software that you can try out for free. Making an animated intro is just one of the many things that it can do. Here’s an intro I made using Filmora.

Number 2: Panzoid
Head on over to and you’ll find “clipmaker,” Panzoid’s 2D/3D animation tool that you can work on straight from your internet browser and you don’t even have to download it onto your computer. You can either make your own animation or make custom changes to premade animation projects. Yeah, there’s a lot of tools that claim to be free. But many of them limit the resolution of your downloadable video or come with a watermark of their brand. Panzoid, on the other hand, lets you download your final video at up to 4K resolution with no watermark. Here’s a youtube intro I made using Panzoid.

Number 3: Blender
Blender is a free, open source 3D intro creator tool. But unlike Panzoid, you’ll have to download and run it from your computer. You can either create something from scratch or work off of templates that others have already made and shared over the internet.

Number 4:
Although it isn’t specifically for making video intros, is an online resource full of many free video loops that you can use to make intros. All you have to do is download a video loop that you like, import it into the timeline of your video editor, and then place text over it.

Number 5: RendrFX
With a free account, you can create and download up to three 1080p youtube intro videos. Like most of the professional intro making tools out there, however, your free intro videos will come with a watermark unless you are willing to pay more. What I like more about RendrFX compared to its competitors is that its watermark is not as big.

That’s the Top 5 ways to make free YouTube intros. If you haven’t already, click the link below to download a trial version of Filmora Video Editor and get 10 FREE YouTube intros to use on your next video. See ya next time!