DIY~Make A Beautiful and Easy Beaded Snowflake Ornament!

Disclaimer: This craft tutorial video was made by HappyBird's Glitter Nest with the sole intention of giving instruction to the adult crafting community only. This craft tutorial video is NOT intended for minors.

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Below is everything you'll need to create 1 snowflake.

14 of the 25mm acrylic crystal clear starflake beads (Some call it a paddle wheel bead)
6 of the 8mm acrylic crystal clear faceted round beads
12 of the 8mm dark ruby acrylic faceted round beads OR the beads I found at Michael's.
12 of the 11mm acrylic crystal clear tri-beads
2 Tinsel Stems (pipe cleaners) in "Iridescent." They carry this at Walmart.

Wire Cutters
E-6000 or Bead Glue
Bead Thread in Gold or Silver