Fire without matches Expert Tinder Bundle

When making survival fires, or any fire without matches, you will almost certainly need a tinder bundle. In this video we explore an entirely new method and style of Tinder Bundle that gives far more control and makes success far more likely and more predictable.

The method involves constructing the bundle in a 'rosette' shape, 'tying' a neck to make a handle, and using the cavity created to put a mix of natural tinder into, thus increasing the chances of success.

So if you are expanding your survival skills; discovering how to build fires in all conditions; how to start fires without a lighter; how to light a fire without matches; or how to start a fire with no source of flame - then this video might give you some rare inspiration. Whether you are making fire with unusual tools and tips, or learning how to light a fire with just heat - then this video features a method that, when practised, will become the only method you'd use in the future.

The video also uses, as well as natural tinders, silver birch bark; old man's beard seed pods; other seed pods; and cedar bark.

So, when you are making fire with sticks, using a bow drill to make fire, practising fire-by-friction, learning how to make fire with your hands or how to light a fire without firelighters - then this video is packed with footage, ideas and suggestions to make you a better fire-starter.

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If you are going to practice these ideas and skills yourself - please watch my videos on safety, first. Keep yourself and others safe AT ALL TIMES.

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Selected scenes filmed on location at the beautiful Pipley Wood just outside Bath, UK on the Cotswold Way; and the campfire scenes filmed at Ramblers Wood, Brockham End near Pipley Wood with kind permission from The Sir Alexander Lawrence Woodland Trust.

Pipley Wood is an ancient woodland located on the outskirts of Bath, which is free to the public. The woodlands are managed by the Pipley Wood Committee with the help of local volunteers and friends.