How To Make a Wooden USB Drive / Case / Stick

How I made an USB Stick from Maple and Oak
only by using some simple Tools that everybody should have.

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In The Video:
● Soudal Pro 30D:
● Neodym Magnet 6x1mm:
● Bondex Leinölfirnis Farblos 0,50 l:

Tools I Use:
● ATIKA Bandsäge BS 205-2:
● Bernstein Schraubstock:
● Blechknabber Vorsatz:
● Bohrmaschinenständer (43 mm Eurospannhals):
● Bosch Pro 35tlg. Holzbohrer- und Bit-Set:
● Bosch Professional GTS 10 XC + GT:
● Bosch Oberfräse POF 1400W ACE:
● Digital LCD Wasserwaage:
● Edelstahl Cuttermesser Deli SK5 mit 10x9mm 30° Klingen:
● Festool 491035 T-Nutfräser HW S8 D10,5/NL13:
● Freud LP30M Saw Blade 250mm 40 Teeth 30mm:
● Güde Tischbohrmaschine GTB 13/355 (nicht zu empfehlen !):
● KKmoon Laser Graviermaschine:
● Fräsvorsatz für Dremel:
● Meßschieber digital 150mm:
● NEVR DULL Watte für Metalle 142g:
● GlüBot:
● Proxxon Fräsmotor BFW 40/E mit Steuergerät:
● Scheppach Abricht- und Dickenhobelmaschine HMS 1070:
● Silverline 991857 Kombinationswinkel-Satz 300 mm:
● Soudal Pro 30D:
● Stahllineal 500mm (3 Stück , mm und inch):
● Stanley TRE650 Elektrotacker:
● STEINLE 4101 Fühlerlehre im Satz 32 Blatt 0,03-1,00 mm:
● WilTec Gehrungssäge 550 mm:

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I am a do-it-yourselfer and this is a private hobby video,
by showing me how to solve special tasks! The video is not an
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Everyone is responsible for his actions and is responsible
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● Title: How To Make a Wooden USB Drive / Case / Stick

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