🛠 Build A DIY Vacuum Injection Mold Plans Available 📄

Learn how to build this vacuum injection mold by downloading the plans below:

In this video I build a vacuum injection mold for casting axial flux stators. The mold is made from flexible silicone rubber to make demolding the cast easier. It fits 12 coils (with up to 80 turns of 14 awg wire per coil), and forms a 5/8" (16mm) thick stator cast. I also built a degassing chamber for degassing resin (ie: removing air bubbles after mixing) and a resin trap to catch excess resin before it enters the vacuum pump and ruins it.
If you don't want to use vacuum injection or find it intimidating, then the mold can also be used conventionally too. Being made of HDPE and flexible silicone rubber, it can be used many times. A big step above regular 'one time use' wooden molds. Multiple molds could theoretically be connected to the vacuum system and cast simultaneously as well, to facilitate efficient mass production in a commercial setting if desired.

Download the plans:

Reaper project details: https://www.renewablesystemstechnology.com/3-kw-axial-flux-hawt

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