How to Make a Styro Slicer || Easy and Multi functional StyroFoam Cutter

It is pretty easy to make this Styro-Slicer from your house hold items. Must Watch and comment your previews.

How to Make a Styro-Slicer || Easy and Multi-functional StyroFoam Cutter


...................... ♥ A HOT-WIRE foam cutter is a tool used to cut polystyrene foam and similar materials. The device consists of a thin, taut metal wire, often made of nichrome or stainless steel, or a thicker wire preformed into a desired shape, which is heated via electrical resistance to approximately 200°C.



o. Wooden Board.
o. Wooden Strip.
o. PVC Pipe.
- Elbows.
- Caps.
o. Nichrome or Iron Wire.
o. 12v + 12v Transformer.
o. Fan regulator.
o. Fuse.
o. 2 ways Switch.
o. Others.


It is a Multi-functional Styro-Slicer.
o. You can Change its voltage 12v(Normal) or 24v(Over drive) for cutting different materials(including: Plastics, Thin Wood Strips and different kinds of Foams).
o. Also You can change its current using a simple Fan Regulator for cutting Softly or Hardly according to need.
o. Mainly You Can set your Styro-Slicer to any desirable ANGLE(most using angles are 90° & 45°) by using a Degree Protector for making different Projects.


You can also make Different Styro Foam Puzzles for Fun.

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