DIY Custom Wooden Thumb Drive (WnW #98)

DIY Custom Wooden Thumb Drive (WnW #98)

This is a 100% made-up-as-I-go experiment.
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I decided to rip apart this USB Thumb drive and build a custom wooden case for it.

The thumb drive was one of the kinds where the connection would retract into the case. However, it was slightly damaged and wouldn’t retract any more. So I ripped off the cover to expose the innards.

Unfortunately, the chip inside was quite large. I was hoping to make something really small, but you have to work with the materials at hand, so instead I just made something somewhat small.
There still was a lot of fiddling with tiny materials to make this. Quite challenging.

The Thumb drive had a built-in LED light that blinked to indicate activity. I wanted this to still be visible, so I drilled a 3/8” diameter hole in one of the pieces of wood that I used for the sides.

The end result is bigger than I wanted, but I do really like the padauk and ash lumber as they contrast beautifully. It feels good in the hands, it still works, and I had fun in the shop making something.

Thanks for your support!

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