DIY Marble Resin Countertops WOW that was easy! (Pink, Gold, Gold Leaf)

Ok, you guys... I finally got the video edited and compiled. Here is our Maryland adventure. Some of our viewers have expressed wanting to have a bit more of a glimpse into our process and our daily grind so this video has a dash of a vlog feel to it. I realize that not everyone is into the vlog idea and want to only see the art aspect of our day. SO, in order to attempt to make everyone happy I have listed time stamps below so that if you want to jump around you can.

Please note, that Jeff and I are crab fans and since we were in Maryland we HAD to try some famous Blue Crabs. We googled the process of how to shuck them and dove right in. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or have a weak stomach - avoid that part.... Since it was a WHOLE CRAB (however it was interesting). Special thanks to Liberty Road Seafood and Steakhouse for the awesome crabs.

Please let us know if you like the partial vlog idea or if it was a horrible idea and you would like us to focus on JUST the art.

SUPER special thanks to our amazing host and client, Michelle. We couldn't have asked for a more accommodating and wonderful woman to work for. We had an amazing time and we can't wait to get started on your kitchen!


1:11 Starting to tarp and prep the countertop area
3:32 Mixing the resin
4:34 Adding the color to the resin
5:13 Resin application in the master bathroom
8:22 Gold spray paint application in master bathroom
11:05 Adding gold leaf to the wet first layer in master bathroom
13:42 Close up of finished/wet resin in master bathroom
15:08 Starting guest bathroom
17:04 Adding resin to guest bathroom
21:54 Adding gold spray paint to guest bathroom
22:43 Adding gold leaf to wet resin in guest bathroom
24:33 Close up of wet first layer in guest bathroom
26:25 Why you should have adult supervision (laugh at my pain)
27:40 Double T Diner fail
29:27 Detailed sanding explanation from Jeff
33:26 Adding more gold leaf over set first coat
37:27 Jeff has jokes (Circle Game)
38:00 Adding the top coat
43:43 How to remove masking properly
46:28 CRAB ADVENTURE (viewer discretion is advised)
49:11 Back to the art

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