DIY Farmhouse Home Decor

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Sorry guys I had to delete the video and re edit to add other music .

Hello everyone welcome to my video! Today I have another Farmhouse Home Decor DIY. I used 1 pack of 3 of the paint Stir sticks for gallons I bought those at Lowe’s . Dollar Tree carries signs you can use instead of the stir sticks. Thank you for stoping by like and subscribe if you have any questions feel free to comment down below.!

Lowe’s -paint stir sticks 1 pack

Dollar Tree- Burlap Ribbon , Jute String , Popsicle sticks

Walmart - Boxwood Greenery, Apple Barrel Paint In Black and White , Waverly Chalk Paint In Elephant

Michaels- Family wood sign

Hobby Lobby - Paint Marker (you don’t need this you can use a paint brush and paint I used it because I had it )

Also others things your going to need are a pencil , paint brushes, glue gun , tape & printer to print out the words (if you don’t have one you can always free draw it or use stencils. Dollar tree carries poster letter as well .

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