🍎 LOL Surprise! | Snow Bunny and the Seven Lil Sisters | Stop Motion Video | Featuring Fuzzy Pets

In this stop motion video, LOL Surprise big sister, Suite Princess, is telling the story of: Snow Bunny and the Seven Lil Sisters to her lil sister. This is an "LOL Surprise" version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs featuring 2 fuzzy pets dolls and of course seven lil sisters! Who will save the day? Watch and find out!

Cast of Characters:
Suite Princess as herself
Lil Suite Princess as herself
Snow Bunny as herself
Evil Queen Heartbreaker
Sleepy Lil Babydoll
Blingful Lil Purple Queen
Grungy Lil Grunge Grrrl
Spooky Lil Witchay Babay
Artsy Lil Splatters
Sporty Lil Spike
Cleo Lil Pharaoh Babe
Fuzzy Ice Barker
Stinky Pet Eau De Splatters
Queen/puppy Pup in the woods

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