When Premo Fatwood Can't Be Found, GLADLY! Use The Wet Gnarled Up Roots Or Lower Quality Fatwood.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could always find dry, straight grained, densely concentrated fatwood... Premo Fatwood?!
Sometimes a dead Pine Tree will fall over in a storm and break away from its root ball. That's where I've found Premo fatwood...from the shards left behind that are sticking up out of the root ball. More times than not, though, I have to use the great fatwood found within the branches of the root ball itself.
That's what I wanted to show you today. Though usually wet and having gnarled up grain that's hard to scrape and whittle, this fatwood is still near Premo in my opinion. It's just a little bit harder to process. Also, don't overlook those lower quality, sparsely fatwooded pieces either. They'll take even longer to process, but still they'll ignite easily with the ferro rod and burn intensely.
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