Cleaning the AR15

This video shows you most everything you need to know to clean a standard AR15 rifle.

Stuff you should have:
-AR cleaning brushes (blue and clear)
-Dental picks
-Cleaning patches
-Q tips
-Solvent or cleaning solution
-CLP or lubrication solution
-Cleaning rods with brush and patch jag, or .22 caliber Bore Snake
-Basic no-lint cloth
-AR15 chamber brush

The AR15 family of rifles are known for having small areas and little details that must be cleaned. Attention to detail is a required skill for effectively cleaning this rifle platform because the carbon is everywhere and it's caked on and built up in confined spaces.

Q tips and dental picks with patches are your best friends when dealing with tight spots and detailed cleaning areas. AR15 brushes are an excellent addition to your cleaning setup for this rifle because they're made for this rifle series and they just work extremely well. Having a M16 chamber brush is an essential part of any successful AR15 cleaning plan.

Clean out the carbon and lubricate where you should, and don't over-lubricate.

Parts you should lubricate lightly:
-Firing pin
-Extractor pin
-Ejector (push in and out to get full effect)
-Buffer spring
-Forward assist
-Front and rear sight dials
-Dust cover spring
-Hammer contact surface
-Charging handle
-Bolt release
-Magazine release
-Trigger and disconnector springs
-The inside of the barrel

Parts you should lubricate generously:
-Bolt cam
-The "four rails" of the bolt carrier
-The three gas rings in the bolt
-The "mid ring" of the bolt
-The star chamber lugs of the bolt
-The receiver pins (the pins that snap in and out to connect/disconnect the receivers)