How to make Maus tank model || Military models #2

This is the biggest tank of WW2 - Mighty Maus model, made from wire, plastic and clay.

I was familiar with the build, as my first video on the channel featured Abrams tank, but now i have used mostly wires for making moving parts and cardboard and plastic for fastening them. for trucks i have used clay as well. despite the fact, that clay is not as tough as wax, it still will do the job, as it is not a toy, but a model and should not be moved around a lot, as sooner or later something will go loose.
The fact, that the overall frame was made from plane plastic/cardboard, made it easy to clean up the surface and the model looks very good. i am very happy with it.

the total time of making took about 18 hours and 3-4 blocks of clay.


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