How to Mount Deer Antlers like a Pro (plaque can be added) Very Inexpensive!

Don't buy a cheap kit! And don't pay big $$$ to have a taxidermist to do your antler mount! The key is using a nice piece of leather (from an old coat) and following a few easy steps to make your mount look better than even a lot of professionals will do for you. You can always add a plaque behind yours (I like the look of them without the plaque so I usually don't use them.) The rack shown in the thumbnail of this video didn't cost me a penny to make because I used scraps and left over materials that I had laying around from the rack that is shown in the video. The leather came off of an old coat, the plaster and drywall mud can be bought for just a few bucks at Wal-Mart.
Before I ever did my first antler mount I watched tons of videos here on YouTube. Since that 1st one, I have done several and figured I should share, with the world, how I do mine. You will notice that I didn't use braids or rope around the base of my antlers. Sometimes I do, but on this rack, I wanted the smoothness of the leather to contrast the base of the antlers without a distracting object between them. The key in doing these mounts is to take your time and use nice leather. I believe that using cheap looking materials can really ruin a nice rack!