How to Marble Epoxy with a Sponge , epoxy countertop diy

Here is a great How to epoxy countertop diy! This video will show you the simple approach to a complex amazing finish. Renew old laminate surfaces, desk tops, tables, floors, walls and new countertops! Our epoxy is Eco friendly, Zero VOC, heat and scratch resistant, and DIY friendly!

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Tools we use: epoxy countertop diy

Color Recipe:
Behr paint and primer in one: Broadway (Black)
Mix SCC epoxy and split into 5 equal parts
Tint each Separated cup with SCC Black, Silver Platinum, and White Base color tints and the remaining 2 with SCC Ocean blue and Blue earth Metallic powders.
Mix these well with a paint stick
Pour the tinted epoxy onto your project in a random fashion.
Prime your sponge with a little bit of left over epoxy.
Use light pressure with a sponge and skip trowel the epoxy, making sure to not over mix the colors.
Make sure to fill in any voids with excess epoxy.
Torch 3x.