In this video I build a 55lb at 30” draw bamboo horse bow from Dave Mead of Mead Longbows. This horse bow of all natural materials comes from his website as wit a few different options. You can purchase a ready to shoot out of the box bow that also comes in a take down option. Or as in this case you can purchase a “you build” bow that way you can enjoy the process and really get to know and understand your new bow.

Primitive technology, modern performance! I had such a great time building this extremely unique horse bow. After shooting it for a few months now, I truly understand that even though the prices are more than fair, this bow commands the same respect of any $3000 horn bow. No other unbacked bow on the market can outperform this bow. It was well worth the wait as I know Dave Mead personally makes all of his bows by hand and shoots them extensively to make sure you are getting an amazing product. After talking with Dave, I can truly see the pride he has for his bows and it shows in the level of quality they really are. The fact that he is charging such a fair price and doing many giveaways, truly shows his character and the confidence he has in his bows. 10/10 Bushcraft/survival gear!! If you aren’t already, go check out his page and website

Thanks to Trustin Timber Productions for filming the very beautiful intro/outro video!