😺LOL Surprise! | Curious Q.T. in Wonderland | Stop Motion Video 🎭

In this stop motion video, Curious Q.T. stars as herself in this "LOL Surprise" parody of Alice in Wonderland. This video features dolls from: L.O.L. Surprise Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 Pets, Bling Series, Eye Spy Series, Makeover Series #HairGoals, Fuzzy Pets, Fluffy Pets, Makeover Series Lils, Boys, and Winter Disco Glitter Globe.

Cast of Characters (Main characters):
Curious Q.T. as herself (Series 2)
The Beige Rabbit CottonTail Q.T. (Series 3 Pets)
TroubleShire Cat Trouble Maker (Bling Series, Series 2)
The Mad Splatter Splatters (Hair Goals 1)
The March Hare Goal Snow Bunny (Hair Goals 1)
Queen HeartBreaker (Bling Series, Series 2)
King His Royal High-Ney (Boys Series)
Girl Reading Kansas Q.T. (Eye Spy)
Red Fuzzy Pet S.P.U. (Fuzzy Pets 2)
Snowman Built using globes from: Winter Disco Lils, Glitter Globe, and Fluffy Pets

Dancers: (from Winter Disco Glitter Globe)
Dreamin' B.B.
Bold B.B.

Lil Cheer Captain (Series 1)
Lil Center Stage (Series 1)
Doggie Stardust (Fluffy Pets)

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