RESIN HACK | Latex Hack For Doming Resin

For this video I'm sharing with you guys a resin hack that I've learned from the lovely crafters on instagram. For this hack you need liquid latex so it protects your resin pieces from overspilled resin while you're doming. For a quicker reference all you have to do is cover all the sides that you are NOT doming in the liquid latex. Then dome the side you want and then just peel off any over spilled resin that gets on the unwanted sides! I hope you guys find this video helpful and useful and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any future resin hacks or tips!

Friendly reminder: People are allergic to latex, so if you guys start doing this to pieces that you'll be selling please state to the buyer that your resin pieces have come into contact with latex!
Liquid Latex:
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Art n Glow :
ProMarine Resin: (Cheapest of the two)

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