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today's DIY tutorial shows you how to make very easy and simple paper envelopes! Subscribe for more tutorials!
The main important thing you need is paper! One envelope was done by using origami paper, measuring 15cmx15cm, and the other envelope I used a A4 size yellow printing paper.

There is no size to create these envelopes, you can cut the paper to make it smaller, or use a bigger paper to make the envelopes bigger.
You can use any paper, origami, printing, wrapping paper! As for the glue I used stick glue, but double-sided tape work great as well.

It's really easy and simple to make the envelopes. Fold the paper, as you have two tabs on the sides (one tab has to have 1cm more than the other). You can already glue these two tabs.
Now on both ends mark 1cm (or more) and fold. Cut the inside part and round the corners. Glue on end to the paper and it's done!

I used an A4 printing paper, so you can see it doesn't need to be a square paper nor a small paper.

It can be used as a packaging or wrapping gift.

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Things you need:
- Paper (origami, scrapbook, printing, wrapping, kraft, etc.)
- Scissors (or cutter)
- Glue (or double-sided tape)
- Ruler
- Pencil

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