DIY Dollar Tree Room Decor 5 Piece Mirror Vanity Tray Set So Glam with BLING

Hello again Darlings here's another Glam Home Decor DIY project using items from Dollar Tree. This is also another request & is also inspire by a Company They reached out wanting to know if I would like to use their products in a DIY project. They have a lot of choices on their website, I picked out some beautiful glass door knobs. They're so so pretty & shinny! They're cabinet size which is perfect for projects & glamming your bathroom or kitchen, even furniture..
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I love you all so much, thank you for watching & I'll see you soon! Blessings to everyone!

Materials used for this project from Dollar Tree :

11x15 Mirror
2 - Punch Bowl Spoons - "Handle"
Diamond Wrap
Jot - Gems
Floral Gems "2 packs"
Silver plastic Spatula - Square Lid
Plastic Wine Glasses - Round Lid
Square Glass Vase
Small Round Candle Holder - with Square cuts
Plastic Storage Container with Lid - Has 3 dividers
Small Glass - For Perfume Bottle "Found in Candle Section"
If your store doesn't have this item check a local thrift store. They usually have some beautiful unique glass pieces.

I'm very happy with the quality & price of these glass door knobs.
These are $9.55 for 8 gems
GearBest Glass Knobs Click Here -
I used 8 knobs / One order comes with 8 knobs

I also used some Ribbon from Hobby Lobby. I searched their website for the same ribbon. I put in the brand name "The Robert Stanley Collection" I didn't see this exact ribbon on their website. I feel like I'm overlooking it, I did find other beautiful ribbon under that brand so I'll share that link. If you find it will you please let me know so we can share it with everyone?
Thanks so much!
Oh Yeah ... & they're still on sale at the time of this post. Btw I'm not affiliated with them at all. I just love some of their crafts & I love a good sale anytime ;)
so I wanna pass the info to you.

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