DIY Stand for my 20 Gallon Long

I m no carpenter, and I'm sure I make a lot of mistakes and is not perfect.
Anyway this video is to show how i made my stand, the second stand actually, I also made one for my 55 too.

lumber measures
8- 36'' Stand legs 1:05
'4- 23.25''' to cover the gap in the front and back, i haven't place at this time and you can see it 2:16
4- 7'' To cover the gap of the sides, of the top and bottom 2:36

2x4 For the bottom and top base 0:28
4- 30''
5- 9.5''

2x2 Inner structure 0:50
4x 29'' structure legs
3- 9.75'' left and right sides and middle piece
2-27.5'' front and back sides