My Cozy Fall Evening Routine ft. Article

Hi friends! Hope you enjoyed this cozy fall evening routine. Night time routines/any kind of routine videos are some of my favourite to watch. As the weather cools down, my house permanently smells of pumpkin spice (basic). A huge thank you to Article furniture for helping furnish my very first apartment. If you’re interested in any of the items mentioned, they’ll be linked here! Click to see product descriptions and let me know which is your favourite (there might be a future giveaway! ;)) xoxo


- the comfiest, most beautiful sofa of my dreams
- the dining table I live my life around
- the bed frame I cuddle into every night

- Ashton Edminster - Explain It at the Coffee Shop -
- G Voz - Sunlight -
- Dan and Drum - Lester -

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