How to reuse old bangles at home | Best out of waste | Easy craft idea

Hi friends, today we are going to show you #Howto #reuse #oldbangles at #home | Best out of waste | Easy craft idea
We have made a tiny cute flower basket from old bangles. If you have old bangles which you neither use, nor want to throw out, then you can make it. You can use it as home decor. So let's watch the video to know how we made it.

Materials Used :-

1. Old bangles
2. Cardboard
3. Scissor
4. Glitter foam sheet
5. Hot gluegun
6. Fevicol
7. Colour papers
8. Beads, crystals & other decorating materials

Hope you like this video. Try this at home & Comment below & let us know your experience.
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