Drill Press Stand Build Solid Wood Table

Building a solid wood table or stand from lumber and plywood for a drill press at the moment and it also has to be sturdy enough to support a small milling machine if I can get my hands on one sometime in the future. Using spruce lumber and larch boars that I cut myself on my homemade band sawmill (spruce) and chain sawmill in the past (larch) and scrap plywood cutoff pieces my father bought from a local plywood manufacturer for cheap. That is why the plywood pieces are so small. A while back I had my eye on a prototype making CNC milling machine (Optimill MB something) that would've fit this space I created with this table but I was hesitant and didn't/don't have money for it. So a milling machine has to wait and angle grinder has to prevail yet again. :) Thank you for watching, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and subscribe if you want to see similar steel and woodworking projects in the future and if you haven't done so already. Cheers and see you soon!
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