How to Repair a Polyethylene Agricultural Sprayer Tank

Polyethylene spray tanks are prone to crack either from getting dropped or from freezing temperatures. This tank is one that mounts to the back of an ATV. The tank was dropped and developed a crack. It also developed a crack that the owner tried to repair unsuccessfully with an adhesive. This will be an easy repair.

Most agricultural spray tanks (and those made for ATVs) are made from polyethylene. This is because nothing will react with polyethylene; it is very stable. Solvents don't affect it.

Polyethylene tanks have low surface energy so liquids (and adhesives) have a difficult time "wetting out" on the surface. Putting an adhesive on polyethylene is like putting water on a freshly waxed car. The adhesive wants to "bead up" on the surface. The only way to permanently repair the polyethylene chemical spray tanks is to weld the plastic as shown here.

Welding the first crack: 1:20
Smoothing the first weld: 2:38
Second crack: 3:01
Welding the second crack: 3:20
Smoothing the second weld: 4:06

View this video on our website for more information about the products you can use to complete this type of repair:

Popular products used for this type of repair:

1000-A Super Prep Plastic Cleaner:

6121-T Tear Drop Cutter Bit:

Hot Air Welders:

HDPE Welding Rods:

LDPE Welding Rods:

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