Stencil: Oracle 651
Paint: Acrylic-folkArt 660E Pure Gold
-Craft Smart-White
Wood: 15” wood round (found at Lowes)
Makeup Sponge
Pin (for weeding)
Contact Paper (I used the brand from Dollar Tree)
Water Based Wood Stain: Minwax Jacobean
Sealing Spray of your choice-I use Helmsman Spar Urethane

So this is a tutorial for how I make my wood signs. You can use other things for the stencil, and if you don’t have a vinyl cutter you can use contact paper and cut the design with an Xacto knife. Make sure you really seal the stencil edges after transferring and dab paint in thin layers to avoid bleeding. I didn't seal in this video, but I just use a water based polyurethane spray seal and do 3 coats on both side. These methods have worked really well for me and I hope it gave you some ideas!

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