Mom and Dad Morning Routine With 5 Kids...Running Late. TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK.. Poor Jae 😥

Soooo, I'm not sure why I didn't post this video sooner but.... Yeah here it goes.

It was so hard to share what Jae was going through... while she was actually going through it. This was a rough time with her scalp condition, Tinea Capitis.... It was getting worse by the day and the medicine that was prescribed to her was on back order...... until the called with a different medication which allowed both her and I to start the healing process. I'm sooooo glad these days are over.

In this video my husband and I are rushing to get our babies ready because life must go on. So this video still makes me really happy that I still wanted to share. Team work makes the dream work. PS: I Love my man soooo much

To follow Jaelyns' journey, I've created a playlist, here on Youtube where I've shared updates throughout this entire unfortunate ordeal. So yeah, check that out to learn more