Acting Tips from LIttle Fish in a Big Pond The Moods of Casting Directors
Little Fish in a Big Pond
The Moods of Casting Directors.

They're human just like you. They have good days and bad days. Some are always wonderful no matter how frenzied they are, and others can be totally crazed all of the time. Some use their power (the power they have to bring you in) to intimidate, and others are very sensitive to the needs and fragility of actors.

Your job is to be a good reader of moods, and if you're not, then do this. Just be professional. Go in, do your stuff, and leave. Don't start talking to make conversation, especially stupid conversation. If you worked with the director of the show, then go ahead and tell the casting director that. NO SMALL TALK!

Other things that are okay to do is to compliment the casting director, director, or producer on a film or show they recently did. That shows you do your homework, and everyone loves a true compliment.

Casting directors are human just like us. Be nice and understanding with them and hope for them to be the same with you ... but don't necessarily expect that.

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