How to make a custom GPU backplate (Basic and RGB backlit)

This video is meant to show off a few different methods you could use to create a custom GPU backplate, both static and RGB LED backlit. Even if your card already has a backplate, making your own is a fun process that leaves a nice custom touch to your build. If you've never done a PC mod before, this is probably where you should start. Don't worry about messing one up before you get it right, the thing about buying materials online is that you need to buy more than you would use if you did everything right. You could probably make three backplates with the amount of supplies you'll have just buying all the cheapest stuff. If you get it right the first time and have extra though, maybe you could make a PSU shroud as well!

I use acrylic because it's non conductive, easy to work with, and it resists the heat that comes off the GPU. It's important to use non conductive paint as well, and don't worry about this mod making your GPU hotter than it should be. This literally won't have any effect on temps at all.

Easiest way to attach backplates to your card is to just cut 4 squares of double sided mounting tape and place them onto the top of screws on the PCB. Then just place the backplate on top. It'll be sturdy enough that it won't move unless you try to remove it. Just don't use too much tape because that might make it very difficult to remove, you can find a link to the tape I'm talking about below.

If you want to buy a GPU backplate instead of make one, you can get laser cut backplates from the V1tech store. Get 10% off by using the discount code "dietecmods" at checkout or use this referral link:


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There are two methods that don't require any cutting tools besides a cheap acrylic cutter, one of which is the first I show in the video (blue and black backplate). That's the cheapest and easiest method you could use, and it's the one I suggest if you're trying to keep the cost low.
Materials used:
(All links are Amazon affiliate)
3mm thick cast acrylic (you can find acrylic sheets at local hardware stores sometimes):
Xacto knife:
Frog tape (painters tape):
Vinyl sheets (craft stores sometimes sell single sheets):
Rustoleum enamel paint (many colors):
Acrylic cutter (may be able to find cheaper ones at local stores):
Mounting tape (attach backplate to GPU, found at local hardware stores):

The second method that doesn't require expensive cutting tools is the last one I show in the video (RobCo backplate). This one is backlit, and costs only slightly more to build since you need to buy more materials than you will use for one backplate anyway. It requires all the same materials as listed above, along with these few more:
RGB LED strip:
RGB wires:
RGB controller:
DC to molex adapter:
(I used a vinyl cutter to get my vinyl stencil, you can cut vinyl with scissors or a razor instead but if you want the cutter I used, here's the link)
Silhouette portrait:

The other two methods (green/black and siege) require slightly more expensive tools. I use a scroll saw to cut all my acrylic pieces out but you could also use a jigsaw if you already have one or if you're doing much less detailed cuts. Remember, acrylic cement is only for panels that haven't been painted yet. Otherwise use VHB tape. The remaining tools besides the ones listed above:
Dremel moto saw:
Cheap drill (for plunge cuts):
Cheap jigsaw:
Soldering iron:
Soldering flux:
Cheap glue gun:
VHB tape:
Acrylic cement:


Music used:
Rising Appalachia - Rivermouth
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