Making a Wooden Bow Tie with a Plaid Wood Pattern

I make hundreds of these every year for friends, family and customers. I make each one by hand, no CNC mills. I strive for quality over quantity. In this video you will see my process for making a solid block of wood from which I cut several bow ties. They are the only ones quite like this as I tend to try and not recreate the same thing over and over again. In the end, this is just one style of many that I make, the possibilities are endless.

Forgive the portrait mode, thanks to advice from Bill Livolsi and LePicBois this is the final video I filmed like this due to my newness in this area.

Music - ZZ Top - Gimme All You're Lovin' - Sharp Dressed Man
(I do not own or claim to own any of this music)

If you like my work, you can see more of it on my Etsy site, linked below. I hope to be adding bow ties soon!

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