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This video contains many interesting / satisfying /innovative science toys / physics toys.

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This video contains:

👉 Micro Racer in a Glass

👉 Kinetic Magnet Illusion Disk
(physics, illusion, vortex, spiral, kinetic, kineticart, physicsfun, physicstoy, flickerfusion, angularmomentum, momentofinertia, rotationalinertia, science, scienceisawesome)

👉 Thermochromic Safety Sticker
(thermodynamics, heat, physicsdemo, liquidcrystal, thermometer, heattransfer, conductivity, phase, phasetransition, scienceexperiment)

👉 Infinity Cactus Lamp
(refraction, cactus, saguaro, mirror, infinitymirror, portal, reflection, optics)

👉 Infinity Star Mirror
(refraction, star)

👉 Nixie Tube Clock V2
(neon, highvoltage)

👉 Magnetic Field of a Cube of Dipoles
(magneticfield, magnet, neodymium, cube)

👉 Wobblo
(oscillations, angularmomentum, centerofmass, balance, equilibrium)

👉 Hyperboloid Spinner

Tree Marble Run: conifer tree shaped kinetic marble toy cleverly constructed from a single piece of bent rod. Gravity translates to kinetic energy of rotation which carries the marble to the extremity of each branch before it reverses to descend to the next level. An aesthetically simple device that is more challenging to construct than one might think. From Mabro Toys.

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