You Will Throw Away Your Gas Can Spouts after Seeing this Video

Also check out the high volume gas spout from this company.
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Replacement Gas Can Spout:
Dewalt 20v Compact 1/2" Drill
Cleveland Drill Index 1/16" to 1/2":
Neiko 1/4" - 1 3/8" Titanium Step Drill Bit:
Dewalt 3/8" - 1" Spade Drill Set:

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Replace the old pain in the rump fuel can spouts with EZ Pour spout kits. Like most people, I can't stand the new style "safety" spouts. They are the blight of lawnmower owners everywhere. I show you how to retrofit those pain in the rump gas can spouts with an actual normal spout you can get at Tractor Supply Co. The can I fix in this video is for a diesel tractor, but you get the idea.

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