Ozeri 3x Fan Assembly and Review (Ozeri)

I received the Ozeri 3X tower fan in exchange for honest review from Ozeri. The fan comes with 3 individual fans; two modes of operation; a spin function; a timer; and 3 speeds. You also can turn each fan on and off using the shift button. The fan also comes with a remote.

Next, the cons:
The fan collects dust. Haven't figured out a way to clean the fans yet.
The fan leans and will topple over.
I knocked one of the stand pieces off carrying the fan down the steps. One of the knobs hit the steps and fell off.

Note: Got it from Ozeri directly and not Tomoson. I also noticed I did not change the order of the assembly clips. May fix later once I free up more space on the computer.

@2014 Stacie D. Wyatt/Perfect Chaos