#eggsbenedict How to make delicious eggs Benedict #Australianrecipe

In this video I have shown you guys how easily you can make restaurant standard eggs Benedict.
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it is easy to make it. the ingredients and recipe is very simple and fast to make. If you just follow the following eggs Benedict ingredients recipe you can make it in 10 minutes. fresh and delicious.in this video I have used bread, bacon, eggs, spinach, hollandaise sauce.
I have a another video called how to make hollandaise sauce in 5 minutes - https://youtu.be/C84xqbZG7jg you can check if like to learn how simply you can make very taste hollandaise sauce.
you can check this address to read recipe for hollandaise sauce as well - https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Hollandaise-Sauce
Ingredients needed - Bread, eggs, butter, bacon, spinach, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and boiling water.

You can do it in easy 5 Steps –
1) Make Hollandaise sauce,
2) Poach eggs,
3) toast bread,
4) Pan fry bacon,
5) plate up.
Step 1) Make hollandaise sauce. - For that you just need 2 Eggs, 100gm melted butter, pinch of salt, tea spoon lemon juice.
You need two egg yolks, tea spoon of lemon juice & pinch of salt. Then gently mix it through.
Set up the Bain Marie. (Add water and gently simmer.)
Whisk the mixed egg yolk on the top of Bain Marie. Whisk until they begin to slightly thicken.
Slowly add melted butter in the thickened egg yolk & keep whisking
until it started look like this. Hollandaise sauce is ready.
Very shiny and smooth.
Step 2) make poached eggs.
You need 1 liter water make sure it’s boiling and add 2 table spoons of vinegar.
Gently crack an egg into the water make sure you gently stir water, so eggs keep rolling & become round poached egg.
Step 3) Pan fry rasher of bacon make it crispy.
Step 4) Toast bread
Step 5) It's time to plate up, plating is your choice as i like it to do very simple way.
one by one Bread, beacon, spinach, eggs, then hollandaise sauce.
Hmm it's time to eat it, tasty.....
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