UNBOXING: KPOP Lightstick Collection 2019

Hi everyone! Sharing our joint collection of KPOP lightsticks: Army bomb ver 3, GG bong, Big Bang lightstick or Bang Bong, Candy bong, Day 6 light band, iKON keyring and Hammer bong

These are all OFFICIAL lightsticks 💯legit. Some of them were bought directly in Korea. Please don't forget to hit Like and Subscribe to my channel #KPOPlightstick #Lightstickcollection

Army bomb ver 3: https://www.ibighit.com/main/index
Candy bong, Hammer bong, iKon lightstick keyring, GG bong, Big Bang lightstick or Bang Bong: We got these in Korea (mostly in Myeongdong underground shopping center) some were bought from online shop.

Feel free and comment down below if you have any suggestions for the next unboxing. Hope you enjoy the video!

Thanks to my friends (Kayedel & Ivy) for allowing me unbox and review their lightsticks.

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