Hanging ribs in the Weber Smokey Mountain & comparing it to the PBC | Road to Rib Town Ep 10

In this video I show you how to hang ribs in the Weber Smokey Mountain and compare it to the Pit Barrel Cooker.

Welcome to the Road to Rib Town, a series that documents my journey of learning all there is to know about cooking ribs. On this trip, I examine not only the method of cooking ribs vertically in a drum smoker, but how the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker compares to its biggest competitor at a price point of $300.

During this episode, I'll not only show you how to hang ribs in a Weber Smokey Mountain, but a step-by-step recipe as well. I hope you enjoy and I hope you come back and visit!!

Weber Smokey Mountain (18.5")

Pit Barrel Cooker

Gateway Drum Smokers

Bigg's Home Cookin'

Baby Back Maniac