Goldfish Bowl Miniature Aquarium Polymer Clay Fish Jewelry Charm Tutorial

Showing you how to make a miniature Goldfish Bowl (Or Aquarium) using water gel (resin works better), and polymer clay.

If you use resin, glue on a bezel and to make this into a key chain or necklace!

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Water Gel

I was on vacation and couldn't find a store that sold resin, so I tried Water Gel instead.
I set the bottle of gel in a pot of boiling water. Turned the stove off and in about 10 minutes the gel was fully melted.

The gel stays liquid for a while (about 20 minutes for me), but as soon as it touches a cool surface it solidifies slightly, so be aware of that.

This was nice to play around with, but resin is the best option for a project like this because it's permanent. Whereas this gel will never completely solidify (because it's

Also, this gel is really intended for faux floral arrangements. It simulates the water in a vase and it reusable :)

The gel is great, but resin is better because it dries much harder than the water gel.