How To Apply Iron On Patches

Simple HD Video with Step by Step demonstration instructions that show; How To Apply Iron On Patches.

Although this video was made for the New Horizons 3" Patch, the technique can be used for nearly any similar 3" Iron On Patch Application.

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How To Apply Iron On Patches, you will need iron board, your garment, plain piece of paper, your iron on patch and of course your iron,

Coming up we will show you how to apply your iron on patch the easy way.

Let's get started. we will be using this garment, which is a cotton polyester blend.

Lay your garment out smooth on a flat surface such as an iron board.

If you are using a table instead, put padding such as a towel between the garment and the surface in order to have a more heat transferable buffer.

Make sure to lay your garment smooth taking away any wrinkles between the fabric especially where the patch is going to be placed.

If your garment is button down or zipper such as this polo shirt. You can use this part of your garment as a guide for aligning your patch.

Next you will align the patch onto the garment. You should find the center of the patch to help make sure it will be attached correctly to the garment. On this patch, the center is between the R and A on the bottom and between the O and R on the top.

Alignment can be very simple. You can use the button down hem of the shirt, and from the bottom of the hem to the seam under the bottom of the sleve, can be a guide as well. The bottom line can be use for height adjustment. You can use the sheet of paper, set a the two points, as a reference.

Adjust the angle of the patch by turning left or right as needed. Use the button down hem of the shirt, and the center line of the patch as guides for parallel alignment.

Once you have it set. double check the placement. Is it straight, is it at the right height? And importantly, is it in the center between the button hem and the sleve seam?

Once you are good with placement, Next you will use the plain sheet of paper as a barrier between your iron and the patch. This is what will help protect the patch from scorching while applying heat.

Gently lay the paper on top, and prepare your iron. With our garment we pre heated to the cotton setting on the Iron. You will not need steam, or water, so make sure this is turned off.

Before ironing, make one last check that your patch has not moved and that you are satisfied with where it will be placed. This is your last check because after you add heat, there will be no turning back.


Apply heat by firmly pressing the iron on the paper, on the patch. Keep the iron slowly moving across the paper where the patch is underneath in order to distribute the heat evenly.

You want to do this for approximately :45 seconds to One minute.

After your time is up, you simply remove the heat. You will probably notice an imprint on the paper of the patch...this is normal and is also one of the reasons why we use the paper on as a barrier so the patch material does not scorch from the heat of the iron.

Remove the paper, and your patch should now be in place.

Before checking it, let it cool for a few seconds so that it will not be hot to the touch.

After slight cooling, you can check the edges of the patch simply by raising the garment and making sure the patch and the material have been bound by the adhesive of the patch.

This patch looks very good... all the edges seem to be secured.

So i will once again, lay out my shirt. And let it cool down completely.

Please keep in mind while setting up to apply patches to your garment, to use that plain sheet of paper as a protection barrier so that you are not scorching your patches or the garment that you are applying it to. This technique can be used for a shirt, jacket or sweater.

Also keep in mind that the temperature for washing can be the normal cooler temperatures appropriate for your fabric, but special attention should be made to not use the dryer setting with excessive heat. Using excessive heat in the dryer cycle can cause your patch to pre maturely detach. If you experience your patches peeling away from the garment over time, you can use an under stitch method for re applying the patch to the garment.

This has been our demonstration video for applying your Iron On Patch to a standard Polo Shirt.