Dumbbell Hang Clean & Press Exercise

http://www.builtlean.com - I have 3 variations of a clean and press with dumbbells that you can try on your own. It's a great alternative to the standard Hang Clean and Press exercise.

For more detail, check out the full article on BuiltLean.com: http://bit.ly/hs3SUW.

Hey it's Mark,and I want
to show you a pretty cool exercise

I found about just a year ago
and it's hang clean, with a press

with dumbbell.

And there are actually three variations
you can use to kinda add variety to your workouts

and so, when I was in college I'd do hang cleans
all the time, or hang cleans with presses,

actually I had a strength coach who kinda
was watching me, gave me tips and sometimes

we even videotaped our form.

It's just a really thought exercise to learn.
However about a year ago I learned about hang cleans

with a dumbbell, and it's actually much easier to learn
and it's a lot safer I think.

Because he standard hang clean with a bar,
puts a lot more pressure on your wrist,

and it also puts a lot more pressure
on your lower back. I have more information

on my website at BuiltLean.com
you can check it out.

Again, It's an advanced exercise

Hope you enjoy this variations and
let me know what you think.