How I Take Notes on My iPad Pro at University Medical School Edition (2018)

In this video I show how I take notes on my iPad pro at medical school. It can be quite difficult as a college or university student to find the best ways to make notes, hence why I discuss how the iPad pro has helped my note taking through my medical school time. The iPad Pro together with the Apple pencil has completely revolutionised the way I learn as medical student. The main app I use on my iPad pro 10.5 inch is OneNote, because it syncs extremely well with all the other devices I use.

This video was inspired by an excellent video created by Ali Abdaal, make sure to check out how he uses Notability to make notes.

Time stamps

01:24 - How much is the iPad?
02:22 - Why I decided to get the iPad?
03:32 - Talking about why I use OneNote
05:06 - Showing layout of OneNote the app
06:04 - Apple pen functionalities on OneNote
07:43 - Syncing on iPad (OneNote)
08:24 - Emailing notes through OneNote
08:57 - Using the iPad in Lectures
10:40 - Using the iPad during hospital ward rounds / clinics

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