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As you know I'm decorating my house and was eager to have a giant wall clock and was looking for an industrial style, but this kind of as big watches are too expensive so we have made a homemade clock, and is a very inexpensive craft.

It is these crafts to sell because the cost is minimal, I spent about 15 € in materials (including equipment)

The main material is extruded polystyrene XPS, this material is similar to the white trays where food comes from the supermarket, such as the large plates I bought in a store building materials and are used for thermal insulation of houses.

€ 2.30 each plate and I needed 2 plates. The have many sizes and thicknesses, in my case are 120cm x 60cm and 3cm thick.

These are the materials you need:
- 2 plates 60cm x 120cm and 3cm thick extruded polystyrene XPS
- Masking tape
- White wood glue
- Cardboard cereal box
- Very fine sandpaper wood
- A yoga mat or rubber eva 0.5cm thick
- Plastic eyes for dolls
- Red and black acrylic paint
- Effect spray paint chrome plated
- A brush for acrylic paint and one for spray
- A cord or thick yarn for use as a compass
- Cutter, scissors, pencil and ruler
- A machine to watch 3cm background with long needles, in my case I fabricated needles with cardboard cereal box

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