Princesses Visit The Magic Wishing Well πŸ‘‘ Season 1, Episode 10 | Kiddyzuzaa Land WildBrain

Princess Olivia and Princess Esme visit the magic wishing well but all their wishes keep being thrown back. What is going on?

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Welcome to the wacky and wonderful world of Kiddyzuzaa Land; the home of the modern day princess!

Join Princess Olivia, Esme, Lilliana, and Isabella on all kinds of adventures as they conjure up magic, create wacky inventions, and work together to save Kiddyzuzaa Land from the hands of the evil Malice. The Kiddyzuzaa princesses are royals like you’ve never seen them before. They may look like princesses…but they behave like normal kids would in a world where they make the rules!

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Princesses Visit The Magic Wishing Well πŸ‘‘ Season 1, Episode 10 | Kiddyzuzaa Land - WildBrain


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