Escape the Babysitter! Babysitter Showdown! Escape the Room – Sneaky Mystery Clue Again!

In this Escape the Babysitter, Babysitter Showdown, Jack, Jasmine and Kaden (kids of Kids Fun TV) find themselves being babysat by a crazy babysitter AGAIN - who they suspect has some magic! The babysitter’s house is full of several mysterious Escape Rooms and the kids have to find each clue and figure out the challenges and mystery in order to get past each level.
The kids have to escape the room by solving the mystery, puzzles, riddles, clues, tricks and her challenges to escape the babysitter. The kids run into a silly character that is full of riddles! Will the kids solve his sneaky riddle?
The kids end up finding the babysitter off of her guard, so see what the kids do to escape! The babysitter is in for a real treat! How will the Fun Squad figure out how to escape with their Nerf skills and be sneaky and escape the babysitter? Watch and find out!

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**This video is just a silly pretend skit. Everything in this video was pretend and made up. Please do not recreate anything you see in this video.

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